Constructed wetlands

The functioning of a constructed wetland is based on self-purification capacity of nature.
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Co-natural sanitation of landfills

Innovative, tested and aligned with legislation, the method provides restoration and protection of degraded soils.
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Sewage sludge treatment

Reed beds passive technology enables dehydration, mineralisation and stabilisation of sludge from wastewater treatment plants using natural processes.
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Working with nature to protect the environment

The company is engaged in research, development and application of natural ecosystems for protection and restoration of environment. Infinite possibilities of combinations of different components of living and inanimate nature enable us to deliver the solutions adapted to environmental, climate and economic conditions.



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Finalising landfill reclamation case in Albania

Finalising landfill reclamation case in Albania

LIMNOS is finalising a first phase rehabilitation of municipal waste landfill in Devoll (Albania). The site has been an illegal waste deposit for many years and became a threat for inhabitants and public health. SInce the construction od a modern landfill in the region, this location became obsolete and in need for rehabilitation. Within this …


TOXICROP is a European project that aims through Research and Innovation Staff Exchange to map agricultural risk areas of cyanotoxin occurrence, to access the fate of cyanotoxins in crops, bioaccumulation in crops and food contamination related to the use of eutrophic waters in crop irrigation. Environment-friendly, low-cost techniques of water treatment will also be developed, …

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