Other Environmental Services

LIMNOS company is engaged in research, development and application of co-natural ecosystems for protection and restoration of environment. We commit to solve each given task with individual and holistic approach which results in ecoremediation solutions being sustainable and economically viable.
Prof. Dr. Danijel Vrhovšek
Environmental Education Team

Tender and grant applications

  • national and international tenders,
  • research and development projects,
  • transnational collaborations,
  • Horizon 2020, LIFE, EUREKA etc.

Strategy for protection and management of

  • environment on regional, national and local level using ecoremediation,
  • protected areas (NATURA 2000).

Nature and biodiversity

  • protection and restoration of habitats, ecosystems and organisms,
  • design of substitute habitats.

Drinking water

  • drinking water source protection.

Urban environment

  • green infrastructure.

Other environmental topics

  • reduction of pollution from agriculture,
  • mitigation of industrial pollution,
  • sustainable tourism.


  • co-natural enti-erosion measures,
  • restoration of degraded areas,
  • fitoremediation.
Ecosystem Solutions

Sustainable development

Ecoremediations support the concept of sustainable development.

Multufunctional solutions

Ecoremediation measures excel in multifunctional character.

Environmental excelence

Ecoremediations are a support to ecosystem services.

Economic viability

Ecoremediation solutions are acknowledged as economically and ecologically viable.