Construction of sludge drying reed beds, Mojkovac (Montenegro)

Constructed wetland and sludge drying reed beds, Kaštelir (Croatia)

On ecoremediation and constructed wetlands

User experience with constructed wetland (first CW in the area of Novo Mesto Public Utility Service)

On constructed wetland and floating treatment islands, agricultural school Grm Novo mesto (14:40–15:50)

Small water retention measures (floods, droughts)

Improving water quality in the Modrac reservoir by ecoremediation measures. About the project and constructed wetland built within this project

Constructed wetland in Kozjansko Regional Park

Constructed wetland on Lisca mountain

Ecoremediation for Una-Sana Kanton, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Here are some links to publications about LIMNOWET Constructed Wetlands and other LIMNOS services.