Limnowet® is a constructed wetland (CW) for purification of different types of wastewaters. The process imitates nature’s self-cleaning capacities.

Constructed wetlands are suitable for purification of wastewaters from:
  Individual homes,
  Group of buildings or smaller settlements,
  Tourist and ecological farms,
  Camping sites,
  Food-processing industrial facilities,
  Communal and industrial landfills (leachate),
  Non-point pollution sources (storm water runoffs from urban and street areas).

Delovanje rastlinske čistilne naprave Limnowet®

No electricity required
The facility functions with no connection to electricity grid and does not require any machine components.
Very effective
Purifies over 90% of all pollutants. Functions smoothly during winter period. Low cost.
Low cost
Construction, operation and maintenance are affordable. Does not require additional servicing.
Subsidies and grants
Users are in titled to up to 90% exemption from environmental tax and are eligible for municipality grants.

Our services can be complete or partial but always customer oriented:
  Strategies and programs for wastewater management in settlements,
  Elaboration of conceptual design for wastewater separation and treatment for dispersed settlement areas,
  Elaboration of final project design for Limnowet® constructed wetland,
  Turnkey construction of Limnowet® constructed wetland,
  Surveillance of construction and performance optimisation,
  Training of facility operating staff,
  Elaboration of operation and maintenance manual.

Considering a constructed wetland?

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