Working with nature to protect the environment

LIMNOS Company for applied ecology, has been established in 1994. We are engaged in research, development and application of natural ecosystems for protection and restoration of environment. From early research in the field of water ecosystems and development of constructed wetlands for waste water treatment LIMNOS today offers services for tackling different environmental problems using co-natural approaches. Our solutions for environment rehabilitation and protection are based on holistic ecosystem functioning and are called ecoremediations.

Our products and services are applied in Slovenia and abroad. Using our research experience and our team capacities we partner with several organisations and knowledge providers. Ecoremediations are embedded in educational processes of high school and university curricula in Slovenia and in the countries of South-Eastern Europe as a valid approach for environment protection.

Our vision and mission

LIMNOS team is dedicated to development of ecoremediation solutions for environment restoration and protection. We strive to become a stakeholder in promotion of ecoremediation as a holistic approach for environment protection in Slovenia, Western Balkans countries and wider. Our goals will be achieved through a network of partners and by development of innovative solutions.

Our activities


Picture of Prof. Dr. Danijel Vrhovšek

Prof. Dr. Danijel Vrhovšek

Procurator, strategic management
M +386 41 675 066

Picture of Marjana Vrhovšek

Marjana Vrhovšek

BSc Biology

M +386 41 386 455

Picture of Alenka Mubi Zalaznik

Alenka Mubi Zalaznik

MSc Politology

Project management
M +386 41 845 654

Picture of Martin Vrhovšek

Martin Vrhovšek

BSc Biology

Constructed wetlands
M +386 41 325 227

Picture of Tea Erjavec Haložan

Tea Erjavec Haložan

Bsc Geography and Slovenian

Protection of water bodies
M +386 40 684 451

Picture of Dr. Gregor Plestenjak

Dr. Gregor Plestenjak

BSc of Agronomy

Reed beds for sewage sludge treatment
M +386 40 346 360

Picture of Urša Brodnik

Urša Brodnik

BSc Water Management and Municipal Engineering

Project Engineer
M +386 31 777 800

Picture of Anja Potokar

Anja Potokar

BSc Water Management and Municipal Engineering

Project Engineer
M +386 51 222 528

Awards and acknowledgments

Ecoremediation strategy of Montenegro
The government of Montenegro acknowledged the strategic value of environmental problem solving using ecologically and economically acceptable ecoremediation technologies. 18.04.2014 the government has accepted the Strategy of ecoremediations for Montenegro and an Action plan 2014-2020. Ecoremediations are thus a recognised strategy for environmentally awared countries.

Including ecoremediations into strategic development programs of Slovenia
24.2.2006 the minister for environment, Mr. Janez Podobnik agreed to include ecoremediations as standard approach in all documents with environmental impact. This decision has been a result of the long-term effort to include ecoremediations into strategic development programs of Slovenia.

Award »Zlati javor« for best environmental project in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Project »Ecoremediations for protection and development of Una-Sana canton« was finalised in end of 2014, was chosen as best environmental project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
More information about the project is available here (link) or see the video (link).

National Energy Globe Award 2008
Sustainable rehabilitation of the landfill site

European Regional Champions Award 2008
Centre of Excellence for Environmental Technologies

Acknowledgement of the Municipality of Celje
at international trade fair in Celje for constructed wetland (2005)

The Eureka Lillehammer Award 2001
first prize for EUREKA project

Acknowledgement for environmental technology of the year 2001
Ecologic development fund and journal GV.

Ecological product of the year 1995
journal GV and Celje fair

SPIM 1993
silver medal for innovation

1993 Acknowledgment
of Innovators’ Association of Slovenia

Trademarks and patents