About Cookies – What they are and how do we use them

What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files that some internet pages save to your computer via a browser to store some non-personal data. When you visit again, the website will recognise you.

Cookies at www.limnos.si

Website www.limnos.si uses the following cookies.

PHPSESSID This cookie sets PHP, contains the session code and lasts until the end of the session (until the closing of the browser). It is compulsory for site performance. It does not contain any personal data.
These cookies are set by Google Analytics to record a page visit (details). Some last until the end of the session, some longer. They are not mandatory and do not contain any personal data.
complianceCookie This cookie informs you that a website uses cookies. It lasts 14 days and makes sure that the notification does not appear during this period.

Please contact us at info@limnos.si for any problems or questions.

Cookie settings in the browser

By default, browsers allow cookies. To delete cookies or modify your browser settings in this regard, follow these instructions for each of the most common browsers.

Once you have set up which cookies you want to accept and which ones to reject, your website will strictly adhere to it. You can delete existing cookies using the browser.