Ecoremediation measures for infrastructure layout for hydro power plant Brežice

Protection of Water Bodies
Duration: 2013–2017

Every human intervention to nature changes natural balance of the ecosystem, usually for worse. One of such interventions is construction of hydro power plants.

LIMNOS has been invited to elaborate project documentation for infrastructure layout for the hydro power plant using ecoremediation approach. Mail goal of the proposed ecoremediation measures was to locate them for optimal mitigation of environmental impact when constructing the hydro power plant. The plant affects natural dynamics of the river and its embankment area. The biggest focus of proposed measures is protection, other ecoremediation functions (purification) are set aside. Ecoremediation regulation of the area is thus important in order to mitigate negative impacts and help to restore the natural balance.

The proposed measures enclose shallow waters with reed, nesting walls for kingfisher, floating and purifying islands, vegetation belts, replacement habitats, drainage channels etc. LIMNOS implemented surveillance over nature protective measures during the construction works on the power plants’ accumulation.