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Ecoremediation for environmental protection and development of Una-Sana Canton

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Project duration: 12/2013–12/2014
The government of Una-Sana canton has recognised the importance of suitable environmental strategy. The goal of the project was to improve the environment and create conditions for its protection and green infrastructure application (ecoremediation). Implementation of ecoremediation measures could in the future bring necessary long-term balance between ecology, economy and environment.
Ecoremediation for environmental protection and development of Una-Sana Canton

Results of the project:

  • Environmental assessment of Una-Sana canton,
  • Selection of ecoremediation measures for protection and sanitation in the area of Una-Sana canton,
  • Elaboration of conceptual designs for the following municipalities:
    • Bihać: Sludge treatment and disposal from Bihac wastewater treatment plant,
    • Bosanska Krupa: Collection and treatment of wastewater from Arapusa settlement,
    • Bosanski Petrovac: Collection and treatment of wastewater from Krnjeusa settlement,
    • Bužim: Rehabilitation of Elkasova Rijeka landslide,
    • Cazin: Protection of Ljubijankici drinking water source,
    • Kljuc: Collection and treatment of sanitary waste water from Velagici local community,
    • Sanski most: Flood protection for the city of Sanski most,
    • Velika Kladusa: Rehabilitation of unsanitary landfill Radica most.
  • Construction of pilot educational constructed wetland for waste water treatment at Biotechnical faculty in Bihac,
  • Introduction of ecoremediation subject to Bihac Biotechnical faculty, for Environmental protection study course,
  • Tutors’ training on importance of environmental protection and sustainable development in the process of education,
  • Public awareness raising on environment protection.

Further information about this project is available in this video.