Reference projects

Kuchichino, North Macedonia

Constructed wetland
Capacity: 700 PE
Design: 2016
Construction: 2017
End of defect liabillity period: 2019
Limnowet® constructed wetland is designed to treat wastewater from village of Kuchichino in Nortnern Macedonia. The project has been funded by Suiss development cooperation. A constructed wetland consists of 3 horisontal beds with net surface of 1.750 m². Due to flat surface area, the water needs to be pumped into 3-chamber sedimentation tank. From here, water flows gravitationally until it reaches the recipient (Bregalnica river). Next to the constructed wetland there is a sludge drying reed bed for sludge treatment. The defect liability period is concluding in 2019 and has proven efficiency of the plant and suitability of technology selection.