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Applied Ecology

Working with nature to protect the environment
The LIMNOS Company is engaged in research, development and application of natural ecosystems for the protection and restoration of the environment. From the initial research in the field of aquatic ecosystems and development of wastewater treatment by constructed wetlands (CW), the company's activities have extended to the provision of sustainable solutions to the environmental problems arising from human activities. The LIMNOS solutions for the restoration and protection of the environment that take into account the significance, structure and functioning of ecosystems, are called ECOREMEDIATIONS (ERM).

constructed wetland

Our solutions for a cleaner environment

The endless combination possibilities of living and inanimate nature components allow us to deliver solutions adapted to different ecological, climatic and economic conditions.
LIMNOWET® constructed wetlands
Vegetative buffer zones (and filters)
Ecoremediation–revitalization of watercourses
Ecoremediation of standing waters
Ecoremediation of degraded soils and sediments
Other environmental services
Project tender applications
Environmental education


LIMNOS, Company for Applied Ecology
Požarnice 41, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani
tel. (01) 365 15 07, fax (01) 365 15 07
Ljubljana Office
Podlimbarskega 31, 1000 Ljubljana
tel. (01) 505 74 72, tel./fax (01) 505 73 86
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Constructed wetlands Vegetative buffer zones Revitalization of watercourses Ecoremediation of standing waters Ecoremediation of degraded soils and sediments Project tender applications Environmental education
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