Limnos stertae dit’s participation in LIFE GREEN ADAPT project. Its aim is to increase the resilience of EU waste infrastructure to climate change with the use of different blue-green infrastructures (BGIs). There will be 3 different BGIs linked to the treatment of landfill leachate and runoff. The leachate will be treated with the use of Floating Treatment Wetlands and Aerated vertical wetlands with geopolymers that will be experimentally used as the substrate and made out of materials extracted from the industrial waste. The runoff will be treated with an Electroactive biofilm-based treatment wetland. The 4th BGI will be connected to the covering layer of the landfill. A bio-technosoil will be created using different wastes from the landfill and used to cover the landfill once fully filled.

LIMNOS will be in charge of the design of Floating Treatment Wetlands as well as making a detailed blueprint for all BGIs.

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